Clone of Hal Robinson Presents "Language , the Use of words, and Relationships"

Hal Robinson Presents His Talk

"Language , the use of words, and Relationships"

Decmeber 5, 2021


How words are powerful and can create.

Thoughts create emotions, emotions create feelings in the body- and thoughts, emotions and feelings ignored can become symptoms.

'Judge not... "

How judgement creates distance and the neurobiology involved

Judgement shuts down neuroplasticity (no new ideas)


Hal Robinson has been sharing with people for over 40 years how to find spiritual solutions to life’s everyday issues  & challenges.

 Hal Robinson has been doing Gestalt psychotherapy with people for over 40 years to find spiritual solutions to life’s everyday challenges and issues. He has worked with thousands of individuals across the country training them with the tools to live a less reactive life with more peace and freedom. Hal’s approach to learning our spiritual lessons sets this method apart from traditional counseling and therapies.