Guest Speaker Mary Reed "A View of Life Through the Mystical Lens" Sun, March 15, 11 am

Guest Speaker Mary Reed

Sunday, March 15, 11 am

View of Life Through the Mystical Lens

Using both her metaphysical encounters and hereveryday experiences of living in the Himalayas, modern mystic Mary Reed will share
 what a transcendent life looks like from her perspective, and offer helpful tips on how to foster the spirit of transcendence in one’s own life.


Satsang: The Evolutionary Road Map Workshop
Sunday, March 15, 12:30pm

 In this casual gathering, Mary will use her 18 years of mystical experiences to take participants on a fascinating journey through our collective evolution —
 where we come from, how we create, why we ended up in aseparation consciousness based in fear, and how the current awakening is helping us return to Divine union. 
 Love Offering