Guest Speaker Norma Leonard Presents Perception vs Reality

"Perception vs Reality"

Guest Speaker Norma Leonard

Sunday, 25 July 2021 at 11 am

In a very real sense, Ultimate Reality is another name for God. By that I mean that God is All-There is nothing apart from God; and the manifestations of God which we see and experience (including ourselves) are brought forth from God-Mind, through pure consciousness. The Christian Bible begins with the words: "In the beginning God" followed by "Created the Heavens and the Earth." In Hinduism, Brahmin is said to awaken from sleep, generating a field of pur consciousness called Ishwara. Ishwara is sometimes referred to as the Divine Mother and is considered to be the feminine aspect of God. According to the Hindu texts, all mainifest being arises from Ishwara. Other acient religions give similar accounts of how the universe came into being and although there are some minor differnces, the theme of life being mainifest by God through divine consciousness (by the spoken word in the Christian Bible) seems to run through all of them.


If you wouldn't expect to achieve physical fitness with just one work out at the gym, why would you expect to become spirtually fit in one or two sessions of meditation? Developing spiritually requires diligence and perserverence. That is why we call it a mediation practice.