Guest Speaker Rev. Candace Henry "Prayer the Verb"

 Rev. Candace Henry 

Sunday, September 26 


"Prayer the Verb"

Thoughts are Prayers and Prayer is an Action. Unity's 5th Principle is a verb. We, as humans expressing ourselves through our Spiritual nature, create our experiences by our thoughts that we hold in mind which many times turn into words, taking on a life of their own through our actions. We will look at the fifth principle in Unity to reveal how words transform into the manifestation of the now. Biblicical reference: Galatians 6:7 


About Rev Henry

Rev. Candace Henry serves as a Transition Specialist and Consultant at Unity Worldwide Ministries. A proud graduate of the Unity Urban Ministerial School, her focus includes mindful commitments to the arts of communication, mediation, and the realization of unconscious bias through Interim ministry. Unity principles have supported her growth and the accomplishments of her family through the art of prayer. Her many life experiences have given her certainty that we can communicate with each other despite our differences. The skill of mediation is a learned style of communication that supports respect and the discussion of needs to be met while honoring shared concepts and ideas despite our differences. 

In 2021 Candace enrolled her children in an urban Dallas school, where she came face-to-face with the realities that many children face. Out of this experience, Empower American Children was born, giving her a platform to listen and learn about the challenges of youth in the inner city. Candace developed the Dream Builders Program emphasizing the use of imagination, education, and greater world exposure. Candace published the ebook Letters to Obama Hope for a Brighter Future to share her journey with others. her life's purpose is to share her journey of the power of imagination and faith that bring dreams into reality.