Guest Speaker Rev. Marygrace Sidovar Sorensen 24 October 2021

Rev. Marygrace Sidovar Sorensen

Sunday October 24, 2021


"I'm All Ears"

When is God speaking to us? Are things that happen in our lives, simply coincidental events or are they, in truth, much more...


Marygrace was born and raised in Unity by a Unity minister (dad) and Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT, mom). She is an Ordained Unity Minister, a LUT, a Certified Spiritual Educator, and a recipient of the Distinguished Youth Service Award. Mayrgrace worked professionally in Unity Youth and Family Ministries for more than twenty-five years as a YFM Director and a YFM Consultant in two different regions. Marygrace holds a B.S. in Business, a M.Ed. in Curriculum Development and a Certificate in Executive Non-Profit Leadership. She currently attends and volunteers at Unity Church of the Hills in Austin. She is married to Scott, also born and raised in Unity. They have one young adult son.