Guest Speaker Rev.Sondra Von Gyllenband ""What Are You Telling the Universe?"

Guest Speaker Rev. Sondra Von Gyllendband

Sunday. October 17


"What Are You Telling the Universe?"

Let's look at what we are putting into the universe with our words and thoughts.  Are you satisfied?  Are you fully engaged with life?  Would you like to manifest with greater intention?  Let's look clearly at how we are participating in life.


Reverend  Sondra von Gyllenband technically retired from pulpit ministry; however, she guest speaks  supporting churches around the country.  She volunteers for Unity Worldwide Ministries and serves as Prayer Chaplain at Unity of New Braunfels.

She spends time in her art studio metalsmithing and felting wool pieces. 

Reverend  Sondra has raised three foster children and has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

Scuba diving has been a passion since 1974.  She reunited with her birth son 20years ago.  They now share this diving passion.  He now owns a scuba shop in the DFW area.