Joy Breath - A Breakthrough Experience

Joy Breath, A Breakthrough Experience

Tuesday, April 23

In this simple breathing technique, you will
renew your body, mind and spirit by releasing stress and stimulating circulation. Joy Breath brings closure to thought forms of the past ,
oxygenates your brain and allows internal massage to your organs. As you revitalize your cells with the breath a deep relaxation occurs, bringing balance to the flow of energy in your body, expanding your conscious awareness and renewing a joyous sense of self.

Bring floor mat/sleeping bag, pillow, blanket and water to drink. Wear comfortable clothing, and have a mostly empty stomach (eat before
5 p.m.)

Presented by Rita Bernadette, a Certified Breath facilitator, LPC Retired, Reiki Master, Doctor of Natural Remedies and Akashic Records Consultant. She has 27 years experience of Joy Breath sessions and has used this technique with many different audiences and has seen tremendous results of body, mind and spirit renewal especially in grief issues.

A native Texan, now living in Montana, she considers herself a winter Texan, her hobbies are birdwatching and gardening. 
Rita Bernadette 406-291-6950.

Watch for additional dates and times in May.