Message From The Minister


Friday, August 20, 2021

Dear Unity Family,

It is with mixed feelings that I write to inform you of my plans to leave Unity of the Hill Country.  If you were here for our Town Hall meeting on Sunday, August 8, you have already heard this news.  If you were not here for me to share personally, I want you to know this decision was not made lightly.  During the past eighteen months, I've done everything I’ve known to do to offer some semblance of connection through our online offerings both on Sunday morning and during the week.  We even offered a few outside-only events on campus.

There was one point where I noticed an uncomfortable feeling deep within.  Many of you know, I’ve lived on my own much of my life.  I enjoy solitude and have never really felt lonely.  During the pandemic, a profound loneliness swept over me.  Honestly, it took me a while to identify the exact feeling.  I know many of you can relate to this feeling, especially after the past year or so.  On some level, I felt I was tuned into the collective loneliness felt by most of the world at some point in time.

When I moved to Kerrville, I was so excited because I was already in the perfect place for retirement when that day was to come years in the future.  I’ve loved living here and I love every one of you at Unity of the Hill Country.  With the loneliness, I began to long for my family.  Since I left Arkansas decades ago, I have never before considered moving back but that’s my plan.  Being closer to family is what I need right now.  I trust you can understand this.

I’m excited for you all here at UHC.  You have an amazing board of trustees who have your best interest at heart.  They will lead you in attracting the divine-right minister for this community at this time.  Please join us for our Sunday Gathering this week when Jack Porter, Board President, will share an update on the plans already underway by your dedicated and heart-centered board of trustees.

Together let’s celebrate the time we’ve shared and look with anticipation to the bright future in the making.

Blessings of Love, Joy, and Peace,


1016 Jefferson Street  Kerrville, Texas 78028  Ph: 830.896.7575