A Note From the Board of Trustees

Dear Unity Family,

    We are looking forward to the arrival of our new spiritual leader, Beverly Pryor, LUT. Beverly is moving here from Dallas, and will be here August 1st. We feel extremely blessed to have Beverly as our spiritual leader; and the warm, loving, and energetic spirit she brings with her.
     On another note, Kathie Shuler has stepped down as UCHC board president, and I have been elected by our board of trustees to be UCHC’s board president.   I look forward to serving as your board president and am both honored and humbled to have this responsibility.  Kathie will remain on the board as a trustee. We are all very grateful to Kathie for her tireless efforts during her tenure as UCHC board president.
     I moved to Kerrville in 2012 and began attending Unity. After becoming a member of Unity Church of the Hill Country in 2014 Rev. Patty Edwards recruited me as a worship assistant. In 2015 I was elected to the UCHC Board as Vice-President. 
     Many of you probably know that the 40th anniversary of UCHC is coming up in September. We will be having a big celebration party in honor of this momentous occasion September 16th. Marissa already has a lot of ideas and will be working with Beverly to come up with something special. 
    The board would like to thank each congregant for your patience and support during the transition process. You all are the reason for our success! God bless you. 
Until next time….. 
Blessings, Robert Green