"Peace Starts Here" Interfaith Peace Concert

With Rev. Todd Glacy

Friday, February 15, 2019 7-8:30pm

“Peace Starts Here” Sacred Song and Gong Meditation

Join us in intentional community as we come together to cultivate and celebrate peace. Through readings, music and contemplative awareness we will first tune-into and empower peace within ourselves, and then consciously share our blessing of peace with the rest of the world.

Suggested donation of $10-$15 *no one turned away

Rev. Todd Glacy, M.S. is an Enlightenment Advocate, Empowerment Coach, and Instigator of Joy. He travels extensively as a speaker, musician, and workshop facilitator sharing transformational experiences to inspire and empower people to connect with their most authentic selves in order to live lives of purpose, passion, and true happiness.

Learn more at: www.SacredSoundAndLiving.com

What is a Peace Concert? YouTube video: