Prayer Request

There Are No Limits to Prayer

No prayer request is too big or too small.  Even if you are not sure what to pray for, our prayer ministry team will pray with you about your situation.

The Prayer of Faith
God is my help in every need; God does my every hunger feed; God walks beside me, guides my way through every moment of the day.  I now am wise, I now am true, patient, kind, and loving too.  All things I am, can do, and be... through Christ, the Truth that is in me.  God is my health, I can't be sick; God is my strength, unfailing, quick; God is my all.  I know no fear...  Since God and Love and Truth are here.

The Prayer of Protection
The Light of God surrounds us.  The Love of God enfolds us.  The Power of God protects us.  The Presence of God watches over us.  Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.






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