President's Report 16 June, 2019


President’s Report

Sunday, June 16, 2019

RE:  Unity of the Hill Country Update from the Board of Trustees.

A quick update by the Administrative Leadership Team (Beverly Pryor, minister, and the Board of Trustees). This update is a condensed view of the health and activities of the community plus a snapshot of current and future projects planned and underway.

  • Board Retreat: Rev. Beverly Pryor and the UHC Board of Trustees attended a training retreat June 8 hosted in the home of Jack and Jane Porter. The morning session focused on the “Essential Elements for a Thriving Ministry in Today’s Ministry Culture” presented via Zoom by Rev. Toni Boehm. We captured key actions detailing the board’s necessity to engage in planning in fall 2019 for 2020 and beyond. The afternoon session was allotted to understanding each member’s unique personality drivers and spiritual gifts. The main take away from the retreat was the necessity to analyze and refresh our Mission and Vision for our UHC Community. This refresh will take place every 18 months going forward. The first community session will be held on Saturday, September 7.

The UHC monthly Board Meeting was held on June 12 addressing the following items.

  • Treasurers Overview. Summer often brings a seasonal dip in attendance which sometimes reflects diminished contributions. We are enjoying additional revenue from the increased utilization of the facility for various events.  As always, we continue to operate from a consciousness of prosperity coupled with conscientious fiscal oversight.

The Board and Treasurer, Jack Porter, are moving forward with the new Finance Team formed to look at ways to improve our financial health and ensure our finances are in line with our vision for UHC. Jack presented a first draft of the roles and responsibilities. The final commission and member confirmation will be made by August 1st.

  • Future Planning Session 2020 and Beyond

Rev. Toni Boehm will facilitate a Future Planning Session on Saturday, September 7. This session will focus on our Vision, Mission and Core Values. As details emerge we will be informing the UCHC family.

  • Rev. Beverly’s 1year Anniversary with UHC and contract renewal.

This quarter Rev. Beverly graduated to the next important step in her Licensing and Ordination process through the UWM Field Program. The requirements are stringent and necessitates travel to Unity Village. Please join me in congratulating Rev Bev on her accomplishment and wish her a safe  trip to Unity Village. As we fast approach Rev. Beverly’s 1-year anniversary as our Minister, the board plans the following steps:   

By-Laws Update:  Connie Lucas and lance Vieau will conduct a review of our bylaws to align our local by-laws with recent updates provided by UWM.

  •  The Board of Trustees thanks each member of Unity of the Hill Country for your valuable input and suggestions. Kudos to our volunteers who continue to give their time and talents in sacred service of this blessed and viable community.

Best regards,
Lance Vieau, President, and the Board of Trustees and Beverly Pryor, Spiritual Leader