President's Report 22 March,2020


President’s Report

Sunday, March 22, 2020
RE:  Unity of the Hill Country Update from the Board of Trustees.
A quick update by the Administrative Leadership Team (Beverly Pryor, Minister, and the Board of Trustees). This update is a condensed view of the health and activities of the community plus a snapshot of current and future projects approved and underway by the community. 

Dearest Unity Community,

Our building is now closed to the public until further notice.  We initially allowed support groups and classes to meet during the week because they were all smaller than the recommended guideline of ten participants.  We limited the groups to two rooms on campus so we could control the environment and disinfect after the meetings.  We wanted to offer a safe place for a limited amount of gathering.  We know support groups are an important connection to maintain.  We encourage you to reach out by phone or via an online meeting platform such as Skype or Zoom (both have free versions) and remain connected with one another.

With the recent announcement of cases of COVID19 in both Boerne and Fredericksburg, we feel it is necessary to take the extreme measure of closing the campus to the public until further notice.  Please know this is not a fear-based decision.  There is no reason to panic.  Social distancing and, for some, social isolation, for those who need it, are proven methods of avoiding and containing the spread of the virus.

Mandy Scott will be in the office Monday through Thursday 10am-2pm to answer calls and respond to email.  The building will not be open to others for any purpose.  We will be announcing some communication programs with which you can get involved to stay connected.

On Sundays at 11 am, we will broadcast music and a message from the activity center.  Only Josh Russell for AV and Mandy Scott for support will be allowed in the building along with me and Paul Hilliard who will perform the music.  Both Paul and Boone Holding have agreed to continue to support us in this very limited way with all precautionary measure being followed.  All you need to do is go to our Facebook Page on Sunday at 11am and there we will be.  You can start a “Watch Party” and share with friends.  We will also offer a link to a Zoom meeting.  You can find this link in the calendar on our website.  I will also send the information under separate cover so it is easy to find each week.

I plan to start some classes and discussions on Zoom as well.  I hope to offer this option stating next week.  Check out Facebook page and the calendar on our website for updates.  I have a full week of intensive activities with virtual progress interviews and workshops to complete the final requirements for approval of my ordination with Unity Worldwide Ministries.  I should be able to offer at least one evening class next week and possibly more the following week.  Watch for further updates and let’s stay connected.

I want you all to know how seriously we have been taking the COVID19 pandemic.  We have responded from the very beginning with decisive actions.  Below is a timeline for your review:

Wed, March 4: We prepared precautionary guidelines to share with our community.

Fri, March 6:  Began wiping surface, door handles, etc. with antibacterial wipes.  Stocked the building with wipes and extra tissue.

Sat, March 7:  We sent an email with precautionary guidelines to our entire community.

Sun, March 8:  We suspended our community greeting during service.

    We began publishing precautionary guidelines via the bulletin and email each week.

    We placed reminder signs in the bathrooms, kitchen and Welcome Center.

Ongoing:  We have been consistently wiping down the building daily with antibacterial wipes. 

Sun, March 15: We added graphics on the Staying Well insert to drive home the point that handshaking is a high-risk activity.

Please know we have not been taking this situation lightly.  It is a fine balance to honor the current risk of infection and not add to the anxiety in our collective consciousness. 

It is true that larger Unity communities and those in areas with an active outbreak of the virus closed their doors sooner.  This was absolutely the right thing to do under those circumstances.  Kerrville has no reported cases at the time of this writing and we want to help keep it that way.  The board of trustees and I had an extensive discussion during our monthly board meeting.  We look forward to connecting in the virtual world until such time we can safely gather to hug and kiss one another again.

The board of trustees and I want to thank those of you who have mailed in or dropped off your tithes and offerings even though you are staying home.  Your commitment to our community and to the sacred act of giving is inspiring.  We have such a strong community.  We will move through this moment and in time will come back together stronger and more committed to our mission of Living Consciously.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Joy,
Rev. Beverly Pryor
Unity of the Hill Country