President's Report 25 August, 2019


President’s Report

Sunday, August 25thth, 2019
RE:  Unity of the Hill Country Update from the Board of Trustees.
A quick update by the Administrative Leadership Team (Beverly Pryor, Minister, and the Board of Trustees). This update is a condensed view of the health and activities of the community plus a snapshot of current and future projects approved and underway by the community. 
August 21st 2019:
On August 2019 Unity of the Hill Country met for the monthly Board Meeting.
The opening prayer was delivered by Tina Thompson The minutes as recorded by our board secretary, Ginny O’Quinn for the July 20th meeting were acknowledged and approved. 
Treasurer’s Overview. The Treasurers Report, presented by treasurer, Jack Porter, again reflects strong adherence to fiscal responsibility by all staff and by all departments.  Contributions are under budget but we are keeping expenses down to maintain a nearly balanced budget.  
Finance Committee is completed with the addition their final of Rick Flynn.  Rick Flynn was nominated and approved by the board. As the new committee is inaugurated, you will have an opportunity to meet them as they share their goals for this important new committee.
The board, under the guidance of treasurer, Jack Porter, and Rev. Beverly, completed a Risk Tolerance profile which will enable us to maximize better returns for our investments while minimizing risk. 
Staff Updates: The newest staff member is Lori Fisher who is the childcare provider.  Lori comes to us with excellent experience in professional in childcare. Please join me in welcoming Lori to our Unity of the Hill Country Family.
New Business:  Failure of the water heater will require replacement with a new commercial water heater. We have received 4 bids and are thoroughly reviewing the features and benefits of each quote. Incidents like this that hit our unbudgeted expense line on the balance sheet. 
Additional new business items included future tree trimming and music options for the Sunday Service.
Town Hall Meeting: Feedback was reviewed.  The focus for the next 2 weeks will be on Rev. Toni Boehm’s scheduled weekend in Kerrville on September 7 and 8. Saturday Sept 7, will include a “Mission and Vision Refresh” all members of Unity of the Hill Country congregation and Board Members are encouraged to attend. The meeting will commence at 10:00 AM and is slated to close at 3:00 PM.
On Saturday, September 21 2019 Jack Porter and a colleague will facilitate a CPR Training Class at UHC. This basic CPR Class is slated for 5 hours and will cost $20.00 for materials plus a love offering for the instructors. Jack’s colleague will be driving from Houston, TX. This class is comprehensive and upon successful completion, participants will receive a Basic CPR Certificate. Class size is limited to 30 persons and a sign-up sheet will be at the volunteer table this Sunday.
After completion of all new business Reverend Beverly delivered a closing prayer and we adjourned ay 8:30 PM