President's Report March 24, 2019

President’s Report

March 24, 2019

RE:  Unity of the Hill Country Update from the Board of Trustees.

A quick update by the Administrative Leadership Team (Beverly Pryor, Spiritual Leader, and the Board of Trustees). This update is a condensed view of the health and activities of the Church plus a snapshot of current and future projects approved and underway by the community.

  • Treasurers Overview: We have kicked off our year in a positive way by continuing to manage the monetary resources and contributions. After adjusting out 2018 expenses, our adjusted differential between February Actual and the February Budget was a positive $2,936.019 ($1,458 earmarked for new shades in multipurpose room by annonymous donor).
  • Reducing Operating Expenses: Our Treasurer Janet Robinson, V.P. B.K. Kana and Unity Spiritual Leader, Beverly Pryor, have successfully negotiated fixed, flat-rate billing for 2019 with KPUB. The true savings will be realized in the summer months which is just around the corner.
  • Finance Committee to be formed: A Finance Team is to be assembled to provide additional fiscal planning and oversight.
  • Facility Improvement: As the number of classes and participation increases at Unity of the Hill Country, it has become apparent we will need to update our current audio-visual hardware, specifically the projector. Jack Porter, Board Trustee, took the lead on this project and delivered his analysis along with vendor bids for the new projector. The next step is to bring in the two finalists and step through each vendors proposal. We have set a timetable for this to be completed by the end of April with an award to be named early May 2019.
  • Board Retreat: The Board to Trustees have agreed to a board retreat. This one-day event, slated for Saturday June 8,2019, will focus on planning, developing multi-year budget analysis and projections, understanding our team strengths, building and reinforcing communications and team building exercises. This all-day event will be attended by all members of the board.
  • Minister Licensing and Ordination: The Field Ministry Program (FMP) rigors to become a Licensed Unity Minister are being met by Beverly.  Her recent trip to Unity Village is another positive step toward this important goal for Beverly and our Unity Community. On May 3rd, Rev Toni Fish will arrive in the Hill Country for her Mentor Visit, which is part of the FMP process. A full schedule Friday and Saturday will culminate Sunday with 11:00 AM service followed by a Town Hall Meeting with our Unity Community. This will give us all a chance to be a positive and loving part of the process.
  • Follow Up Survey: The six-month follow-up survey was tabulated and, as expected, a clear majority strongly agree and are satisfied with Beverly’s performance. This Board is delighted to see our views so accurately reflected by our Unity Community.
  • Volunteer Teams:  Our teams of Unity volunteers continue to provide valuable sacred service to  our community and others who come to our facility for education and spiritual development. You don’t have to look far to see the impact they’ve made. From the physical grounds and Sunday Greeters and Ushers to the silent volunteers that work in the office and provide support and content for our extended family.  When you see one of our many volunteers today, give them a thanks or a Hearty Hill Country Hug for a job well done.

This is the first in a series of monthly updates to be provided to our community.

Best regards,
Lance Vieau, President, and the Board of Trustees and Beverly Pryor, Spiritual Leader