Reopening Guidelines and Survey 2020


Reopening Guidelines and Survey


After reviewing the reopening guidelines provided by the Center for Disease      Control (CDC), the State of Texas, local authorities, and our insurance company, your Unity of the Hill Country Board of Trustees and Rev. Beverly Pryor have agreed the following guidelines to be observed upon reopening for Sunday gatherings:


¨ Fourteen days must have passed since the most recently publicized case in the Kerrville Area.

¨ All attendees must wear a mask covering the nose and mouth to enter the building.

¨ Temperature of all attendees will be taken (without touch).

¨ Anyone with a temperature of 100 or more presently or within twenty-four hours, will not be         permitted.

¨ Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering and exiting the building.

¨ All attendees must maintain at a proper social distance of six (6) feet apart.  The only exception will be people who arrive together.

¨ All attendees must answer a brief wellness survey upon entering the building.

¨ Anyone who has been out of town or with someone who has been out of town in the past  two weeks will not be permitted.

¨ No printed material will be distributed as a part of the Sunday gathering.

¨ Seating is spaced the proper social distance of six (6) feet.  Sitting together is permitted if you arrive together.

¨ No community songs.

¨ Special music will continue to be virtual until further notice.

¨ There will be one-way traffic flow only.

¨ The in-person Sunday gathering will continue to be broadcast online.

¨ No coffee service, sharing snacks or lunches.  Bottled water only.



Community Survey


Keeping in mind the guidelines  listed on the first page, please answer the following questions:


1. How likely are you to attend a Sunday gathering if we reopen the building in June or July?

Please circle one:          Highly Unlikely 1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10  Very Likely


2. If you responded between 1-5 to question number one, please tell us when and under what         conditions you would be willing to return to the building?






3. If you responded between 8-10 to question number one, would you be willing to volunteer on Sunday morning when you attend?  Please circle:       Yes             No


If yes, in what capacity?  Please circle:   ~Greeter          ~Screener       ~Temperature-Taker


4. Have you attended any of the virtual Sunday gatherings online?    Please circle:  Yes     No


If yes, will you continue to join online and/or attend in person?_________________________________




NAME: (optional)____________________________________________________________________

Are you over 65 years of age?  Please circle:   Yes      No