Rhythms of the Universe

Rhythms of the Universe

A five part series

Taught by

Garland O’Quinn, Jr.


Each presentation will be on a Thursday evening beginning at 7:00 PM. The presentation will be about 30 minutes followed by question and discussion period. Any scientific words or graphs will be defined and discussed so that no knowledge of physics or astronomy is required. The purpose of the presentation to help each individual raise their perspective of the universe in which we live. 

Jan 30th  Lesson 1

            Logarithms and how Kees Boeke created the first ordered outline of the universe.

            1600 John Napier created the logarithmic system.

            Planet Earth – a very local concept

            Solar system – slightly expanded concept – but still very local

Feb 6th  Lesson 2

            The shift from vertical orientation of the epoch domains to Horizontal epoch domains. Importance of this difference. Value of naiveté for seeing in a different way. Thomas Kuhn and the Structure of Scientific Revolution.

Feb 13th  Lesson 3

            Reconciliation – a requirement for the shift in epoch. A new epoch cannot come into being without reconciliation and rebirth. James Clerk Maxwell and the equations for orthogonal relationship. Do you not know that the right wing and the left wing are two parts of the same bird?! https://www.facebook.com/SoulCenterOC/photos/a.467385720037752/2205376762905297/?type=3&theater    Pair skaters/cooperative and mutually supportive.

Feb 20th   Lesson 4

            A theory for testing and prediction. The theory predicts events. The meaning of octaves in our universe

Feb 27th  Lesson 5

            The living universe. Love is the basis for the universe itself.  Reconciliation is an acknowledgement of the meaning, value and indispensability of other. The pattern is established at every level, not just at the human level.

Love Offering