Songwriter Showcase featuring Dennis Jay

Thursday, April 11

6:00 pm Social Time
7:00 pm Music

Dennis Jay is a singer/songwriter guitarist who writes and performs original songs with roots in traditional Country & Western, folk, blues, cowboy songs, and Mexican ballads. He got a large part of his early musical education as a child in Germany, when “every day I’d come home from school and turn on the Armed Forces Radio Network (AFN). Most of the DJs were regular GIs who’d brought their record collections overseas. A lot of the music was from the South and they’d play rhythm and blues along with Country & Western. There were no artificial barriers between these types of music.””

After returning to the United States, Dennis attended high school in Maryland. He soon bought a vintage Martin D-18 and began writing songs. “It’s still the guitar I write ‘em on,” he says. Dennis spent the 70s and 80s traveling around the country, playing in coffee houses and bars, writing songs, and working odd jobs. When he reached Austin, Texas, Dennis performed both as a solo act and with a band. Next stop was Washington, DC, where he formed his own band. He did an occasional solo gig, such as opening for Joe Ely and Steve Earle. Now living near San Antonio in La Vernia, Texas, Dennis spent years living, working, and traveling the American West, from Arizona to Oregon, California to Kansas, Montana to New Mexico, North Dakota to Texas. A critic called Dennis’ music “cowboy folk . . . minimalism . . . that’s unlike anything else around.” Dennis currently performs at cowboy music festivals, house concerts, and radio stations throughout the West and Southwest, often accompanied by Bob “Texico” Stafford on lead guitar.”

$10 Suggested Donation - No one Turned Away

Bring a snack to share.