Spanish 3 Class


Tuesdays: 6 to 7 pm. January 15th to March 5th.

Content: Numbers. Conversational Spanish. Practice and sentences in PRESENT TENSE of verbs ending with AR.

Number of sessions:  8

Cost includes facility and teacher fee: Pending based on the number of students.

Minimum number of students per group: 3 people.

The courses are directed to adult students.


The courses follow a guided sequence. All the topics are discussed thoroughly. The approach is not only grammatical but conversational and cultural. The classes deal with history, etymology and current events of Latin America and Spain. Activities include: reading, lecturing, listening and writing. Role playing and use of flash cards, puppets and pictures. Students must bring something to take notes with. The use of a textbook is encouraged from level 3.

Contact Monica Happ Hanger at with any questions.