Spanish 5

  • Spanish 5

Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3 pm.

Content:  Verbs in Present Tense.

Days of the week, expressions and expressions of time.

More vocabulary.Review of telling the time. Role playing: The Airport.

We have a quick review of former structures to start the class.

Term: January 15th to March 18th.

Minimum number of students per group: 5

The courses are directed to adult students.

*Cost includes facility and teacher fee: Fees vary depending on number of students.

Effective with the new term $30 will be collected upfront during the first two weeks of classes for both current and new students. This amount is not refundable. 

The second payment can be made anytime before midterm: February 8th to 14th.


The classes make progress according to the group pace. It is important to learn and practice and not only cover. Materials like flash cards, puppets and pictures are used. A book is used until Spanish 4. 

Groups with fewer than 5 students will be cancelled or encouraged to join another group. Classes of  90 minutes with 5 students will be reduced to 60 minutes. Big groups of 6 or more people keep the class for several terms, the prices affordable and better quality of classes. THANK YOU.

Contact Monica Happ Hanger at with any questions.