Sunday Gathering 3 October 2021

Rev. Don Seiler

Sunday, October 3, 2021 


Does Everything Happen for a reason?

For much of our time in Unity, we've heard a lot of sayings, euphemisms, and platitudes. Some have even made it into bumper stickers and t-shirts. But, are they True in the sense of Unity philosophy or do they just make us feel better? Reverend Don Seiler will explore the saying, "everything happens for a reason" and consider more empowering responses to life events.


Biography -

“I want you to live an extraordinary life!”

Don Seiler’s transformative message of positive, practical Christianity connects you to the “real world.” Don’s path to Unity was long and varied. He flew helicopters in Vietnam and worldwide, was a wellness consultant, and served as an executive in a healthcare company. He knows now that he was looking for “something.” Eventually, he walked into Unity and knew he’d found it. He is honored to have led spiritual communities in San Marcos and Houston, Texas. Don is an entertaining and enlightening speaker with stories from his life and a keen observation of human behavior. His openness and honesty are guaranteed to inspire you to live an extraordinary life!

                                          Don’s mission is to help individuals live their lives as an expression of God and support communities that help everyone live extraordinary lives.

 Blessings and Peace,