UCHC Proudly Announces our New Spiritual Leader: Beverly Pryor

Hello Unity Family,
     I am so happy and so grateful to be joining the UCHC community.  My visit to UCHC in May was the highlight of my year.  I was so impressed with your beautiful facility and grounds, the board, the staff and the congregation.  You welcomed me with open arms and I felt the love you shared with me on a very deep level.  I know it seems like forever until August 1, but it’ll be here before we know it.  Since the board selected me, I’ve visited Kerrville twice.  I’m already in the process of buying a house and I close in the middle of July.  I’ve sold my house in Dallas too.  Selling my house was the easy part.  Going through twenty years of accumulation of stuff has been the daunting part.  I’m fortunate to have a buyer for my house who has been flexible enough to adjust the closing date here to accommodate an estate sales manager to get rid of the excess.  There are so many details still to come with logistics, insurance and utilities.  It’s all worth it though.  I’m very excited to be moving to Kerrville and joining your community.  I joked with the board members that I like the hill country and your community so much I might’ve move to Kerrville even if you hadn’t hired me.  Everything is in Divine Order.
     I’m excited for us to get to know one another better.  I’ll share a little bit now and a lot more once we’re together.  I’ll be moving with my two dogs, Bosco and Will.  Bosco is a bichon frise who is nearly twelve years old.  He forgets his age most of the time and still loves to play (like me).  He tires quickly and needs to rest due to congestive heart issues but he’s a trooper.  I also have a cocker spaniel named Will.  I found him at the edge of death on the ranch of a friend about seven years ago and nursed him back to health.  We’re guessing but we think he’s about eight or nine years old.  They’re both very sweet, calm and affectionate dogs. You’ll love them.
My immediate family lives primarily in Arkansas where I grew up.  My mother is 91 and has lived in a nursing home in Little Rock for the past two years.  She lives around the corner from my brother, John, who goes by to see her almost every day.  He’s a good guy.  My niece, Kim, and her boys are also in Little Rock.  Two sisters and another brother live in Arkansas as well.  I think they’ll all want to move to Kerrville once they come and visit.
     I’ve been wrapping up my commitments at Unity of Dallas this past week.  Someone stepped up to lead my Monday meditation group.  I recruited another person to manage the platform assistant team and the Sunday morning schedule.  No one wants to take on publication of the weekly bulletin or the posters just now, but they’ll get it covered.  So many people from Dallas want to bring workshops, retreats and events to Kerrville.  Marissa is already working on an online events form on the UCHC website so that we can manage it all.  I bought a house with an extra bedroom, so we can welcome them all.
     I hope you can feel my excitement. I’m meditating on a few talk series and workshops to bring to you. We’ll start with a review of and new spin on Lessons in Truth by Emily Cady on Sunday mornings.  Pick up a copy in the bookstore if you don’t have one.  It’s always an inspirational read. The first workshop will likely be in October and be on the topic of Happiness.  I’ve received a recommendation for a book study using Gregg Levoy’s book Callings.  That is certainly a strong consideration.  I’m open to know what interests each of you and what you all would enjoy.  Please feel free to write to me at minister@unityhillcountry.org.
Blessings of Love and Joy.
Vision: A ministry of empowerment igniting the Christ-within by sharing the Truth of Universal Love.
Spiritual & Ministerial Experience 17 years Sunday Lessons at New Thought Churches. 
12 years as a Licensed Unity teacher. 
12 years teaching S.E.E classes.
10 Years Leading Special Services: Gratitude, Burning Bowl, Etc.
5 years leading Sacred Events: Weddings, Blessings, Etc.
2.5 years Staff at Unity of Dallas
2 years weekly Meditation classes.
Personal & Professional Development
Pinnacle Program, Mary Morrissey 2018
Brave Thinking Masters Platinum, Mary Morrissey              2017
Thriving Ministries Training, Rev. Toni Boehm 2017
Synchro Divinity Training, Rev. Toni Boehm 2017
Art of Living 5-day Silence Program, Bangalore India 2016
Art of Living Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, 2016
Non-Violent Communications 9-day intensive with Marshall Rosenberg.
Training courses in Strategic Planning, Creative Problem Solving, Positive Assertiveness, Negotiation, Competitive Analysis, Project Management, and Multiple Marketing Institute training courses.   
B.S.B.A. Marketing, University of Arkansas
Licensed Unity Teacher, Adult Education