Your Weekly Practices for the Month of January 2019

Each week during the Sunday talk you will be offered a Weekly Practice.

Naturally, it's your choice whether or not you embrace the practice each week.  We recommend you listen to the podcast and try the practices.

If you do use the practices in your daily life, you will more deeply know and live from your own higher nature, the Christ-within.

Share your experiences applying the practices.  Write to:

Your Weekly Practice January 6, 2019

New View
- Go Within Daily
- Listen to Guidance
- Open Heart
- Open Mind

Your Weekly Practice January 13, 2019

Write with Intention
-Write daily
- Focus on what you LOVE
- Claim your good
- Expect miracles

Your Weekly Practice January 20, 2019

Speak Possibilities
- Center Your Thoughts
- Focus on Your Dream
- Affirm Truth
- Know it Is Done

Your Weekly Practice January 27, 2019

Choose Joy
- Contemplate the Good
- Find Ways to Serve
- Express Appreciation
- Refuse to Judge

Share your experiences with me: