Your Weekly Practices for the Month of November 2019

Each week during the Sunday talk you are offered a Weekly Practice.

Naturally, it's your choice whether or not you embrace the practice each week.  We recommend you listen to the podcast and try the practices.

If you do use the practices in your daily life, you will more deeply know and live from your own higher nature, the Christ-within.

Share your experiences applying the practices.  Write to:

Listen to Podcast: "Crack the Code" 3 Nov 2019

Your Weekly Practice: Grow Gratitude
Choose a Practice
  - Commit
  - Give It Time
  - Document Your Results

Listen to Podcast: "Free to Appreciate" 10 Nov 2019

Your Weekly Practice:  Express Freely
 - Look
 - Acknowledge
 - Give
 - Receive

Listen to Podcast: "Grateful to Give" 17 Nov 2019

Your Weekly Practice:  Give Your Good
 - Be Aware
 - Extend Yourself
 - Trust
 - Release Expectations

Listen to Podcast "Can't Not Give" 24 Nov 2019

Your Weekly Practice: Give & Give & Give

  • Find Opportunities
  • Grab Them
  • Expect Nothing
  • Receive Everything

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